Everswell Designs was set up in 2013 to produce a range of beautiful, luxury greetings cards from images shot by award winning photographer, Ian Taylor.

Ian has licensed other images for use on greetings cards but when he shot an entire folio of floral images he decided to print and sell his own cards – Everswell Designs was born.

The name ‘Everswell’ was chosen because it suggests that ‘all will be well for ever’ in such a compact and poetic way that it fits nicely with Ian’s ever optimistic outlook on life. It also has personal importance for him as his parents named their canal boat ‘Everswell’ when it was consturcted in 1990. The name has been relevant to the Taylor family for many years.

Everswell itself was a small village near Woodstock which was made in to a spa-type residence for Rosamund de Cllifford by Henry II. It was built around a natural spring that fed the spa’s pools and was known as Everswell possibly because local legend says that the spring runs freely even in dry weather so enhancing its reputation for curative waters. Years later Queen Anne gave the Manor of Woodstock to the Marlboroughs as a gift to the first Duke of Marlborough after he won the Battle of Blenheim in 1704 and this land included Everswell. The one remaining pool from the spa is now known as Fair Rosamunds Well and is located in the grounds of Blenheim Palace. The 4th Duke of Marlborough employed Capability Brown and William Chambers to landscape the park during which process Everswell village and spa were demolished and subsequently flooded as the lake was made.

The links with Blenheim further re-inforce Ian’s connection with Everswell as he spent a lot time in the park as a child with his family and friends. The fishing is excellent and the landscaped grounds made some wonderful slopes for sledging in the winter – despite a chilly lake waiting for the unwary at the bottom!

Ian Taylor has been a professional photographer since 1997. He has built up a wide client base ranging from nursery schools to Oxford University colleges and from estate agents to extreme sports magazines. His subjects range from senior law lords, executive jets and rowing to black-tie events, country cottages and wakeboarding. Ian personally undertakes all the photographic work, including retouching, and his aim is to produce the best possible images for his clients by following their specifications and budgetary requirements, as well as offering expert advice wherever necessary.

Ian has been a member of the British Institute of Professional Photography since August 1999 and has now achieved Associate membership.

Ian says “As a professional photographer, I believe that I should help people explode the myths surrounding photography and to show them what can be done. There are a lot of misconceptions about digital effects and adjustments so I try to show clients how sympathetic manipulation can enhance an image.  I believe in working with my clients to help and guide them when necessary and to follow their guidelines to produce images to any specification. This could be anything from pictures for print or advertising to a beautiful, unique piece of art for their home.”

Ian Taylor’s photographic awards:

2012 – BIPP Winner – Regional (Science & Nature) – Clematis 4

Clematis 4 (card order code 90093)

2011 – BIPP Merit – Regional (Science & Nature) – Dandelion

Dandelion (card order code 90130)

2010 – BIPP Merit – National (Press/PR)


2009 – BIPP Winner and Merit – Regional (Press/PR)

Terry Hannam at WakestockJet Ski National Championships

2009 – BIPP Merit – Regional (Architectural)

Water feature outside office building

2009 – BIPP Merit – Regional (Event)

Richard Underwood

2008 – BIPP Winner – National & Regional (Press/PR) and 2 Merits (regional – Press/PR)

2007 – Art in Woodstock – Highly commended.

2006 – BIPP Awards – Certificate of Merit.

2005 – BIPP Awards – Certificate of Merit.

2003 – CPRE Photographic Competition – 1st in Waterways section.

1999 – Fuji Portrait Awards – Commended.

1996 – Perspectives of Thames Valley Business – Commended x 2.

On a personal level Ian held the Guinness World Record for the wakeboard marathon from 2004 until 2010, has twice completed the London to Brighton bike ride and has completed the Three Peaks Challenge (climbing the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales) in less than 24 hours.