Craft Fair success.

Well, we had a fantastic time at craft fairs in Chipping Norton and Woodstock – thanks to everyone who bought cards and framed prints from us! We saw lots of customers and a few said ‘hello’ in both Chippy and Woodstock. We had lots of positive feedback about our cards, which is always reassuring for a new venture, and several people thought the pictures were paintings rather than photographs.
Lots of contacts were made for other fairs and events so keep checking in for updates regarding where we’ll be next.
In the mean time, thanks again to all our wonderful customers and we’ll keep you all informed about future plans.

Meet us at a craft fair or two!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll have a stall at the Chipping Norton craft fair on Saturday, the 6th of April and the Woodstock craft fair on Sunday the 7th April. Both fairs are in the town hall’s of each town.
It’s a new outlet for us and we’ll be selling both greetings cards and framed copies of the original photographs that were used to create the cards so please come along to both meet us and part with some money of course!
We’re hoping that this will be a successful new outlet for us to compliment our growing list of retailers and that we’ll be attending many more craft fairs in the future.

New retailer!

We are delighted to announce that our cards are now stocked at Mille Fleurs, a florist and gift shop, in Eynsham, Oxfordshire. Mille Fleurs is a new venture for the owner and we wish her all the very best!

Welcome to our new web site!

We’re building a website to showcase all our images available for card production, please view the images through the main ‘Greetings Card Ranges’ dropdown menus.

Our main portfolio of images is our ‘Floral’ range which consists of 29 beautifull images of individual flowers. The pictures were shot using a large softbox as a background giving a crisp white background for the flowers so the images you see are ‘as shot’ and the background is not cut-out in Photoshop. This method also allowed me total control over the amount of light coming through the petals so the veins could be shown in their intricate detail. The flowers were illuminated from¬† the front or side by another light which could be moved to control any shadows that fall accross the flower. I’ll go in to further detail on the lighting and equipment used in later posts but take it from me, one of the hardest to light was the orchid!


We’ll also be adding an online store soon so cards can be bought direct from us – watch this space!.


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